Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Monasteries of Sikkim

Halo of Buddhism pervaded North East India long back but was realized recently when tourists like you and me started visiting the abode. Sikkim in North east India turned out to be the maverick point enscapsulating myriad Gompas and monasteries. On the road of Sikkim, you would find red robed monks, fragnance from the aromatic sticks and the religious people all around

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Tawang Lake

When we speak of Tawang lake, nothing could surpass the beauty of its waters that conquers the heart of the visitors instantly. The lake is bestowed with immense charm which you need to experience on your visit. Amidst the mountains, Tawang Lake calmly nestles itself with rainbow coloured straps flowing which gives the lake an exotic look.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Assam Tea Garden

Spread over hundred acres of land, the extensive tea gardens in Assam are known to produce some of the finest and most expensive teas in the world. Situated along the Brahmaputra river these Tea Gardens never fails to mesmerize the visitors with its unending beauty. There are about 846 Tea Gardens in Assam. They are known to produce 400 million kgs of tea per year. Robert Bruce, an official of the British empire, who is credited with discovery of tea in 1823, gave publicity of the existence of the plant, the leaves of which were boiled to prepare the tea.

Dibrugarh, Sivasagar, Jorhat, Golaghat, Nagaon and Sonitpur are some of the districts where tea gardens are mostly found in Assam. One can venture through these enchanting tea gardens, or you can just laze about and fill your soul with peace. Thousand of workers can be noticed busy as bees plucking the upper soft leaves and a bud. The visitors are greeted with miles and miles of lush greenery, lavish Bunglows and number of golf course in these undulating Tea Gardens.

On your visit to these sprawling tea gardens you get the opportunity to learn about the history and production of tea. One can enjoy horse ride through these tea gardens or you can also make a visit to the villages that are spread out from banks of the river. River cruising in the Brahmaputra river is for sure an unforgettable experience of the life time. Spend time enchanting with the tea workers, who give a friendly wave and provide an interesting distraction for you. The peace and tranquility of this region make it a very special experience. Tribal dances, exotic cuisines and Annual Tea festival is an added attraction for the visitors.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Bihu Festival

Celebrated in Assam, Bihu is one of the popular and biggest festival. Bihu has been further classified into three types of Bihu: Rongali Bihu or Bohaag Bihu, Kati Bihu or Kongaali Bihu and Magh Bihu or Bhogaali Bihu. Rongali Bihu is considered to be of utmost importance and is held in the month of April. Magh Bihu is held is in mid Jan and Kongali Bihu in mid October. So next time when you plan your north east tour, don't forget to remember the months in which you can view the colourful festival which would add vigour on your tour.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kaziranga National Park

Its Wild Calling! As when you think of North East India - Kaziranga National Park comes first in mind. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this park cannot be escaped For naturalists and conservationists, this park comes naturally on the tour itinerary but and for ichy feets, one horned rhinos places the call. Spanning over an area of 430 sq kms, this wildlife park is one of its kind. The park was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1940. A must visit for those who want to experience the magic indian wilderness!